Weighing Technology

  • Crane Scales
  • Counting Scales
  • Weighing Modules
  • Platform Weighing Modules
  • Weighing Bar
  • Weight Indicators
  • Load Cells Pre-amplified
  • Load Cells For Platforms
  • Load Cells Bending Beam
  • Load Cells Shear Beam
  • Load Cells Double Shear Beam
  • Load Cells Compression low profile
  • Load Cells Compression column
  • Load Cells Compression & Tension
  • Load Cells Tension
  • Load Cells Pin
  • Load Cells Tension for wire
  • Load Cells Anchor
  • Load Cells for Foot Brake
  • Load Cells for Level Measurments
  • Load Cell Accessories
  • Junction Boxes & Wiring
  • Power Supplies
  • Weight Transmitters
  • Weight Indicators
  • Weighing & Batching Systems
  • Systems with more Scales
  • Loss-in-Weight Systems
  • Supervisory Software
  • Converters & Radio Modems
  • Remote Displays
  • Data Recorders & Printers
  • Test Weights
  • Weighing in Hazardous Areas


Laumas - Weighing Systems

Telemetrics is distributor of Laumas Elettronica products in the Greek market that cover a wide range of weighing applications.

Apart of Load Cell Laumas provides Weighing Electronis and Software as well as complete weighing systems.

For inquiries or information please contact here

visit Laumas web site